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What did you know about GALLUP?

Gallup is a city in McKinley County, New Mexico, United States. The population was 21,678 at the 2010 census. The climate of Gallup has a cool semi-arid climate. The summers are hot during the day, but the high altitude and low humidity means that nights remain distinctly cool. Despite the dry atmosphere, hot sun and an average of only 7.4days, winter nights are so cold snow is common and sometimes heavy: the maximum in a month is 29.10 inches(0.74m) in December 1992 and the most in a year 65.10 inches(1.65m) between July 1990 and June 1991. Actual snow cover, with the hot at Gallup’s altitude, however, has never exceeded 13.1 inches (0.33m), and for no day averages over 3.5 inches (0.089m).

As the economic status of this city, it said that Alamogordo is the economic center of Otero County, with over half the Otero County population living within the city limits. Alamogordo today has very little manufacturing and has a primarily service and retail economy, driven by tourism, a large nearby military installation and a concentration of military retirees. In 2006 the per capita income in Otero County was $22,377 versus per capita income in New Mexico of $29,346.